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How can you quickly earn attention?

"We are in the TikTok generation. A 15-minute speech could be too long. We live in a 15-second era."

If we're being honest, that's too long. TikTok creators are obsessed about optimising their first 2 seconds. YouTubers compete with Thumbnails and titles to get clicks.

We have so little time to win and hold attention.

Facts tell. Stories sell. But only if you've earned their attention first.

Earn the time you need to explain further with pictures that are instantly understood.

The good news is that you don't need to have a background in art or design. You can learn it in under 2 hours.

I sketched this on my phone while explaining this idea to a friend. Takes no artistic skill and perhaps just 30 seconds.

I beautified it later, of course:

And here's another way to express the idea:

It's not difficult. Here's what a student said about learning from the Illustrate Impactful Ideas online course:

It's easy! You can stand out with simple visuals as well. This one-hour lecture or this more comprehensive course can get you started.