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Illustrate Impactful Ideas

In under 3 hours, learn to explain your ideas visually and get your message across to more people.

Why think and communicate visually?

Do you want to express yourself better?

Do you wish that more people would notice and pay attention to the ideas you have?

Would you like to connect emotionally and create deeper impact?

Creating impactful illustrations lets you capture attention, create curiosity and start conversations. A visual acts like a magnet to draw attention to your message so that you can deliver greater impact with your communication.

Learn to create original visuals like these:

You'll learn...

  • How to crystallise your thoughts into impactful ideas, so that you can be a better thinker.
  • How to convert ideas from words into images, so that you can stand out as a thought leader at work, in school or on social media.
  • The S.I.M.P.L.E. concept to carry with you in all that you do, in illustrating ideas and beyond.
  • The P90X strategy to build your discipline and creativity.
  • The essential Figma tools to make your visuals. (You only need 1% of Figma to make impactful illustrations)
  • How to systemise and simplify your life to be able to make 1 visual a day, every day, if you so choose (PS, it has been rewarding to publish content daily).
  • How to approach the future with illustration as a skillset you possess.
  • And more...

🗒 Course content

Why illustrate ideas?

How to illustrate using Figma.

How to never run out of ideas.

🎯 Results you can expect

Improve creative thinking.

Communicate more effectively.

Have a greater impact.

I want this!

Let's go!


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What people are saying

Artboard 1

Your course is a 9.9/10. I did it in the morning and in the afternoon I was doing the illustration.

— Francisco

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It was so easy to learn. I could learn most of the ideas right on my phone, right until it was time for me to create my own illustrations using Figma.

— Jongsuk