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Illustrate Impactful Ideas

Learn how you can convert what you know into impactful illustrations that can be understood in under 2 seconds.

Why illustrate ideas?

Do you want to express yourself better?

Are you seeking to connect better with your target audience?

Creating impactful illustrations that can be understood in under 2 seconds can help you communicate better.

Learn to create illustrations like these

You'll learn...

  • How to crystallise your thoughts into impactful ideas, so that you can be a better thinker.
  • How to convert ideas from words into images, so that you can stand out as a thought leader at work, in school or on social media.
  • The S.I.M.P.L.E. concept to carry with you in all that you do, in illustrating ideas and beyond.
  • The P90X strategy to build your discipline and creativity.
  • The essential Figma tools to make your visuals. (You only need 1% of Figma to make impactful illustrations)
  • How to systemise and simplify your life to be able to make 1 visual a day, every day, if you so choose (PS, it has been rewarding to publish content daily).
  • How to approach the future with illustration as a skillset you possess.
  • And more...

🗒 Course content

Why illustrate ideas?

How to illustrate using Figma.

How to never run out of ideas.

Additional content to come.

🎯 Results you can expect

Become a better thinker.

Become a better communicator.

Build your brand on social media.

Unlock career and business opportunities.

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