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Figma Fundamentals

You'll learn how you can easily illustrate ideas even without using a pen or pencil in this 1-hour Skill Session in a live Zoom class.

Illustrate your ideas with just a handful of tools.

Figma Fundamentals is a 1-hour Zoom presentation where you'll learn the most essential tools of the Figma software so that you can easily illustrate ideas.

You won't even need pen or paper.

And you'll never need to rely on stock images and icons that everyone else use. You'll be able to easily create your unique visuals that can't be found elsewhere.

If you're thinking "But I'm not tech savvy!" - good news: you don't need all the features. You're going to learn the few easy-to-learn tools that I use from my first day. I have never needed to use anything more than what you'll see in this session.

You don't need to master the software to be a master at illustrating your ideas.

Join me in the Live Zoom session at 9pm Singapore time (GMT+8) on 16 November 2023.

Or watch the Zoom recording in your own time. It'll be available within 1 week of the live session.

What will you get in this session?

You'll be able to

  1. Illustrate impactful ideas using just 1% of all the tools available on Figma.
  2. Create elegant illustrations without using a physical pen or pencil.
  3. Turn your ideas into illustrations that amplify, magnify and intensify the impact of your message.
  4. Stand out with your own custom visuals that you can't get elsewhere.

You'll get

  1. To watch how I transform ideas into elegant illustrations that can be understood in a few seconds.
  2. To have the skills and confidence to start turning your ideas into impactful illustrations using Figma, a free and easy-to-use software.
  3. A recording of the live session to revisit if you need revision.
  4. Access to my templates to get you started.

How I came up with this lesson

The tools and strategies I share are based on my two years of illustrating ideas to amplify, magnify and intensify the impact of ideas for my clients and audience on social media. 

My global clients include businesses in finance, marketing, healthcare and personal development, from UK, US, South Africa, Germany and Singapore. 

Clients have used my visuals for their investor pitch decks, social media marketing, premium newsletters and paid ads. My audience across social media includes 100,000 followers on Instagram, 4,300 on LinkedIn and 11,500 on Twitter.

I've personally used the methods featured in this Skill Session to illustrate and communicate ideas in a way that resonates with people.

The skills here allow you to illustrate ideas for every niche and can help you amplify, magnify and intensify the impact of your ideas.

Want to easily create custom illustrations to amplify, magnify and intensify the impact of your ideas?



What people say about my visuals

Artboard 1

"My team are a big fan of your work, great stuff"

— Ali Abdaal,

entrepreneur & productivity expert

Artboard 1

"Your visuals are so human, I love it!"

— Mary Barrett,

executive coach

Artboard 1

"Over 1 billion photos are uploaded to Google every week, but these 7 will bend your perception of reality."

— Brandon Dawson,

CEO & entrepreneur

Artboard 1

"I haven't ever seen anything like what you do. The IG algorithm fed it to me. I was instantly attracted, within 2 seconds. I've re-shared your posts multiple times to my IG story."

— Chris Conrady,


Artboard 1

"With 1 picture i feel like i've read an entire book"

— @ghgioan on Instagram

Artboard 1

"You visual is always simple and direct to the point. I always share them with my kids. They are all under 11 and they understand it. Thank you."

— Caline Zeng on Twitter

What people say about my skill sessions

Artboard 1

I did (the course) in the morning and in the afternoon I was doing the illustration. Your course is 9.9/10. Im thinking about that 0.1 that could help you with some feedback but so far is perfect.

— Dr. Francisco B., Dentist and Founder

Artboard 1

Love it, especially the simplicity of the principles and tools you presented, and your own story starting on this journey is encouraging to those us of wanting to start but without the confidence or handles.

Your workshop and sharing is helping me think more intentionally now, as well as given me handles to step forward more confidently.

— Tim W., Community Leader

Artboard 1

The session gave me what I expected, which is inspiration and the methods how to start. Furthermore I liked your open minded and positive type!

I work in product marketing for an industrial product. My plan is to visualize complex information in a way that you do. If one single picture can deliver my message within a few seconds, maybe it can replace animation or video in some cases.

— Semper M., Product Marketer

Artboard 1

I was reading a book on the plane and I had a pen and paper next to me to start with a first very basic draft of what I want to illustrate. It's when and ONLY when you put pen to paper that ideas start flowing. I love this creative process!

Your workshop really inspired me, thanks for this😃

— Karolina C., Professional Coach

Artboard 1

I had the issue of remembering the things read, and never thought of remembering them in images. after following Jun Han's work for a period of time, i was surprised that i was able to remember some of them and the message they carry! It's a good skill to have, be it to help yourself remember things better, work presentations, or be like Jun Han to build your own side hustle around your passion niche! Images really do tell a thousand words.

— Kayleen Q., Social Worker and Entrepreneur

Want to create custom visuals you can't find elsewhere?


Figma Fundamentals

A 1-hour Zoom presentation on how you can easily illustrate ideas even without using a pen or pencil.