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Why do I create content?

I create because I need to.

Does that sound too pretentious? You tell me if it is.

I create because I've been hunting for solutions. I read non-fiction books because I feel like I have problems to fix:

  • I didn't get any training when I started my career in sales, right after university.
  • I struggled to stay motivated and productive at work.
  • I wanted to become a better writer and speaker.

Along the way I stumbled upon illustrations as a way to explain ideas. I loved it because it actually helped me remember ideas better than highlighting and taking notes from the sources I'm consuming.

And in a world with so many people, if I experienced a problem, or felt a feeling, then there is a probability that someone else facing the same thing.

And when I thought about all the effort that I've put in to solve my problems, it seemed a waste to keep it to myself. How can I make the effort even more worthwhile?

Sharing it with the world seemed to be the solution. And along the way I've had unexpected friendships and opportunities simply because I shared my thoughts with the world.

This felt right when I started my first blog in 2020, and it still feels right now in October 2023.