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Hi! I'm Jun Han

Great to see you here!

I can help you amplify, magnify and intensify the impact of your ideas.

Work with me to identify, clarify, simplify and visualise your ideas so that you can elevate the impact of your message.

Work with me

Illustrate your ideas

Work with me to capture more attention. I'll help you turn your ideas into impactful illustrations that cut through the noise on social media.

Elevate your personal brand

Let your experience and expertise shine brighter by improving your personal brand. Work with me to establish trust with content that exudes authenticity and expertise.

Business strategy

Refine your side hustle or solo business with a strategy consultation so that you can scale your business without selling your soul. I'll show you how to sell your services without annoying people.

Work with me

If you'd like direct support on communicating your ideas, personal branding or to grow your business, I offer a few different consulting services. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact me at


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