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Hi! I'm Jun Han

Welcome to my page!

About me

I'm a visual storyteller based in Singapore.

I know how you can attract opportunities by cultivating an authentic personal brand through unique content that is both personal and professional all at once.

Learn from my long journey:

My social media presence grew from nothing in December 2021 to over 123,000 followers across LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter in just 2 years.

Clients started asking me to work with them within the first 6 months - a totally unexpected development back then.

I've since worked with clients from different fields and countries. All of them have been inbound clients who come to me because they've seen how effective visuals and stories can be for them. 

How is this possible? Can you achieve this effect as well?

Yes. Let me share how.

My visuals, stories and content has helped me go from being a "nobody" to a "somebody" because they capture attention, create curiosity, and encourages word-of-mouth marketing.

It took me 2 years to realise that when you create authentic content that people resonate with, you'll attract business, opportunities and relationships that you never could with traditional forms of marketing.

If you're looking to elevate your business and personal brand online, I can help. Let my long road lead to your shortcut. 

Here are two ways I can help you and your business:

(1) Illustrate your ideas and elevate your message: Get more reach and visibility when you illustrate your ideas. I can help you stop the scroll, get more engagement and open conversations by translating your ideas from words to impactful illustrations.

(2) Grow your professional brand: Most leaders are busy. Those who publish thought leadership content consistently and frequently often rely on their staff or an agency. The result is the prevalence of content that feels templated, like everyone else. I can help you develop content in your voice that your audience can trust.

Want to know how exactly I can help you?

Let's have a chat. Send me an email at

Work with me

Illustrate your ideas

How can you capture attention, create curiosity and start business conversations?

My approach to illustrating client ideas have been proven to achieve more reach, engagement and conversions.

Work with me through my 4-part process and you'll elevate the impact of your message.

Elevate your personal brand

How do you attract new opportunities from outside your existing network?

Most leaders I speak with lack either the time, proficiency or strategy to craft an authentic professional brand that their audience can trust.

Work with me and you'll be known as a trusted thought leader on LinkedIn.

Work with me

I help businesses get the attention and opportunities they deserve through clear and authentic communication. If this is something you need, let's have a chat. Send me an email at


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