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Hi, I'm Junhan

I explain complex ideas with simple pictures.

Communicate visually and connect emotionally

Get Junhan to illustrate my content

How are you capturing attention, creating curiosity and starting conversations?

Visuals have been extremely effective in growing an audience, starting conversations, gaining attention and ultimately growing your businesses.

Using my 4-part process, you'll amplify the impact of your ideas. My visuals have helped clients achieve more reach, engagement and conversions.

Book a call with me to learn how we'll create impactful illustrations:

Learn visual storytelling

Every message can be elevated. Every idea can be amplified.

The Illustrate Impactful Ideas online course will give you the method I use to explain complex ideas with simple pictures. You'll become a lot more influential when you learn to paint a vivid picture in people's minds.

It's built for busy people with no art or design background.

In less than 3 hours, you'll begin to communicate much more effectively.

Work with me

I help businesses get the attention and opportunities they deserve through clear and authentic communication. If this is something you need, let's have a chat. Send me an email at


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